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Government has stated that the UK needs an additional 120,000 homes each year. The housing sector faces many challenges in meeting this target, including skills shortages, an aging workforce, poor productivity, low output and low affordability. The three-year AIMCH project aims to tackle all these challenges and become a major player in the housing sector by identifying and developing industrialised offsite solutions needed to meet current and future housebuilding demands. These will be trialled on live housing projects, with successful new methods then being commercialised and brought to market in volume.

It is expected that AIMCH will result in new digital design tools, manufacturing advancements, improved near-to-market offsite systems and lean site processes. The ultimate goal of the project is to support the sector by delivering the 120,000 target for the same or less cost than traditional craft methods, which are built 30% more quickly plus have the ambition of 50% reduction in defects. The project has potential to impact on 35,000 homes being delivered by AIMCH partners across the UK, each year.

Stewart Dalgarno, AIMCH Project Director and Director of Product Development at Stewart Milne Group

"AIMCH is a fantastic R&D project. It is a housing industrialisation project about bringing mainstream offsite construction to marketplace, I believe it will be a game-changer for the sector. Our focus within AIMCH is about delivering mainstream panelised offsite construction methods that are the same cost or less cost than conventional methods of construction…"

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