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Advanced MMC Prototyping – Modular Roof Installation

AIMCH is transforming how we build homes. The projects ambition is to scale up and deliver modern methods of construction (MMC), using panelised offsite building systems, that are cost neutral, high quality, faster, safer, robust and more productive than masonry construction methods.

Two of the project partners L&Q Group and Stewart Milne Group, together with a third-party company called Moduloft have collaborated together to install a modular roof at the L&Q ‘Saxon Reach’ site in Milton Keynes.

The chosen plot for the installation was plot 63, a 3 bedroom detached house covering 95 m2.   Stewart Milne Group built the structure of the plot up to the head-binder and Moduloft supplied the modular roof and installation.  


To erect the ground and first floor timber frame in advance took approximately 120-man hours and installing the pre fab roof took a further 35 man hours. This then allowed the bricklayers to start laying bricks the next day. Using this going forward would speed up the process of having a building watertight within days. This system would also assist having apartments watertight in days rather than weeks once the frame was erected.

Due to Covid19, new safety restrictions have been added to construction sites in an industry already struggling with a housing crisis. MMC build systems can help solve this crisis by speeding up the process and having less labour on site.

L&Q are taking part with Stewart Milne and Barratt’s as one of the three lead partners for AIMCH. The London based Housing Association is currently trailing 9 different MMC build systems in Milton Keynes.